GPS Coordinates for Huletts Landing: 43° 38' 21" N, 73° 30' 25" W
Street Address for Office: 4100 Margot Lane, Huletts Landing, NY 12841

Directions from points south & east:
1. Take 87 north to exit 20.

2. As you come off the exit, turn left onto Route 9, travel about 500 yards and turn right onto Route 149. Then travel about 12 miles to the village of Fort Ann. (Do not follow signs for Lake George (these direct you to the West Shore - we are on the East Shore.) At Fort Ann, turn left onto Route 4 and follow signs for Whitehall.

3. Go straight through Whitehall, following signs for Route 22 north towards Ticonderoga. About 7 miles out of Whitehall there is a green sign of the right hand side of the road which points the direction to Hulett's Landing. Turn left onto County Route 6 and continue 5 miles over the mountain to Huletts. Where the signs say use low gear, make sure you do! As you come into Huletts, come straight ahead to the Post Office. The second left after the Post Office (Margot Lane) is the road that leads to our driveway, bear right up the hill to the light blue house. On Saturday someone is there from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. to greet you. If you have a problem, call (518) 499-1234. We'll look forward to seeing you.


Huletts-on-Lake-GeorgeOur Amenities Are Unique

Guaranteed Dock Space with House Rental

9 Hole Golf Course

Tennis & Basketball

Ice Cream Parlor for Children

Mountains and Scenic Beauty

Charming Unforgettable Location